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Thought of the Day: Attempting Poetry
July 27, 2009, 5:00 am
Filed under: Random Musings, Worship

Almighty peace who whispered truth
That shattered sin and offered proof
Of life and love unmeasured deep
Of life eternal when we sleep
Oh whispered love with such soft sound
With violence shook thought solid ground
And forbid the sun to shine above
The whisper spoken “it is done”

The whisperer is over me
He speaks of grace and mercy breathes
Hope and joy and peace and love
Endless as His reign above
It’s given freely from His hand
But spread by lovers through this land
Souls redeemed that live as proof
Of that sweetly whispered truth

Love has come
The broken healed
The whisper now
In shouts revealed

Words spoken in perfections death
“It’s finished. Come, in me find rest”
From Him all grace and mercy flow
He showers goodness, His hope explodes
All my doubts no fears remain
Emboldened let me preach His name
That I may die HIS name proclaiming
So lost would find in joy revealing

Jesus. Savior King


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Comment by Beth

I like it! In the 6th line when you wrote “thought”, do you mean “through”?

Comment by Sarah

Nope! It’s supposed to be “thought”.

Comment by nathanarnold

geez Nathan…that’s really great 🙂

Comment by Kayla

awesome and profound

Comment by sue

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