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Ordinary Things
June 25, 2009, 12:57 pm
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Last week I had the chance to head up to Seattle and hang out with some new friends, some from Nashville in on vacation and one from Michigan who is working in Seattle right now. As I talked and shared with them over the course of 2 days there was a recurring theme that I shared with them both, and that I was of self-doubt.

No self-doubt is not a new issue for me. I’ve dealt with it for much of my life. Not thinking I’m good enough, or most commonly, thinking I’m ok at something but that there are people who are better and thus feeling inadequate.

The biggest struggle for me however has been one of calling. Christians throw the word “call” out all the time. What has God “called” you to? God “called” me to YYAM. God “called” me to start this ministry. Now I’m not here to poke at people’s calling. God speaks more clearly to some people than me and I have no doubt there are many people out their being asked by God to do specific things. However I have struggled with using that word for myself.

Here is the reason. When I read through the Bible my most common thought is not of the amazing things that those Bible people did, but my thought is what everyone else was doing. I realize that for every larger than life Bible person there are millions of regular every day God followers that we know nothing about. I realize that the vast majority of the worlds population haven’t been called to part the water, right worship songs or speak prophetically over God’s people. The vast majority of God followers aren’t to do the extraordinary but instead are asked to honor God with an “ordinary” life.

And that’s where I get caught up on the issue of “calling”. I struggle with it because it seems audacious to me to claim God has a specific “calling” on my life. As soon as I say those words I feel as if I’m stepping into the ranks of the special, the David’s, Elijah’s, Peter’s and Paul’s of the world. I not only feel ill equipped to do that, but also far to ordinary. At times I feel so inadequate, so unworthy to be asked to do amazing things that I put the brakes on what God is trying to do, attempting to convince him that he’s got the wrong guy.

But my friends both pointed me in the same direction. The reality is it doesn’t really matter what WE think we are able to do or if we think it is a grand thing or a small thing. We can lose a lot of time worrying about if we are capable of something or if it’s the “right” road or the wrong one. But I think I personally need to focus less on where I need to be and just focus on being the best I can be wherever the road leads. The goal should not be to live and extraordinary life, but to live an ordinary life extraordinarily.

I don’t know the road that God will take any of us down, but I know that it most likely will be full of things that ordinary people do. If we can’t learn to honor God in the little, every day things how can we be expected to honor him when the extraordinary knocks? Or if we wait around for the extra-ordinary we may miss an amazing “ordinary” life that God has been waiting to bless us with.

Here’s a chorus that came out of my writing session with my friend Jonathan.

I’ve not been asked to walk on water
Or to part a raging sea
I’ve not been told to call the fire from above
Though my life may seem so simple
My days so un-unique
Lord I give to you each hour and between
Lord be glorified in ordinary things

So readers, I want to start hearing from you. How has God used your “ordinary” moments?