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It’s Not Just Good, It’s Good Enough!
February 2, 2009, 12:08 pm
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I used to love the cartoon sitcom “The Simpsons”.  Yes at times it can be crude and sacrilegious, but once you look past its minor flaws it was (and some say still is) a hilarious show.  

If you aren’t familiar with the show, one of the characters is Krusty the Clown.  Anything but your ideal children’s entertainer, Krusty has many flaws like drinking, smoking, poor money management, and fits of depression during his (children’s) TV show.  (I personally think I would act much the same if I was a clown for a profession.)  Despite his issues Krusty has a fairly successful empire including his TV show, a fast food restaurant (Krusty Burger) and toy lines, all bearing his seal of approval.


It is honestly one of my favorite things from the show.  I actually have that seal of approval on my snowboard, and it fairly well describes how I make it down the mountain.  But that statement, “It’s not just good, it’s good enough!” just so personifies the issue that plagues us a people.  We are committed to doing things “just enough” and no more.

Take driving for example.  How many times has someone passing you in the left lane on the freeway felt the need to come in to your lane 6 inches from your front bumper and not bothered to use their turn signal until they were halfway over?   Or how many times could you not use a parking space because someone is so crooked in their space they take up two?    (Bad driving drives me nuts.  I have no issue admitting I have serious road rage.)  

Travel to your local grocery store and walk the isles finding things out of place.  Refried beans in the cereal isle?  2 liter of Pepsi in the health food isle?  Bologna with the eggs?  How does that happen?  It happens because when people decide the don’t want something they just set it on the nearest shelf instead of walking the 50 feet to put it back where it belongs.  As if the extra steps would be bad for them.

We, the people of the world, are committed to the mediocre. We aren’t interested in how good we can get but how we can get by.  And while that bothers me, what really grinds my gears is the infusion of that “good enough” mentality into what we do in church.

I would love to use examples here but my intent is not to tear down specific churches I have been to but just to speak to an overall issue within the corporate church.  I can’t tell you how many churches I have been to that had terrible sound systems, awful graphics, grumpy people (complaining I’m too loud), unkempt landscaping, inadequate greeting, no follow up (I usually fill out the visitor form at church I visit to see if I hear from them.  Usually don’t.) and marginal worship bands.

I understand in some situations that people ARE giving their best but more often than not I find that we just aren’t pursuing excellence.  We aren’t waking up every day asking ourselves, “How can I be better?  How can I give better?”  

When you read through the Old Testament and don’t skip over all the parts about sacrifice you will read over and over again that God wanted the BEST the Israelites had.  Not “just good enough”.  The BEST.  Going to sacrifice?  I want the BEST sheep you have.  Have a orchard?  I want the BEST produce.  Going to build me a temple?  I want the BEST workers and artisans.  I want the best of EVERYTHING you have.  

But we don’t give our best.  We give just enough to make ourselves feel “right” with God.  In fact, speaking about worship, I have heard from several sources that to be excellent is to perform and draw attention away from God.  “Good enough” is what God really wants.  (My response is always to ask where in the Bible they find “1/2 of a donkey” as an acceptable sacrifice.  If you don’t get that, just think of another more “classic” name for a donkey.)

I just find myself wondering today, what if?  What if the redeemed said “good enough is not good enough.  I want to be the best.”  What if everything we did as Christians was the best we could muster and the most creative we could conceive?  Would the church again be the epicenter for art and music in the world?  Would amazing, world impacting scientific discovery come from the minds of those who love the Lord and not those trying to disprove him?

What would your life look like if in everything you did you gave your best to God?


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Welcome back, I have missed your blogs. Its good to read your “best” stuff again.

Comment by sue

This makes me reflect on my life and the things I give my time to… are we really prioritizing our lives according to how much we give of ourselves? I try to. Thanks for a really great piece.

Comment by Shannon

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