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The Volume of Heaven
August 7, 2008, 12:40 pm
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We just got done with a final run through before the band semi-finals here at Estes Park, and the immensity of what is being sung struck me again.  Isn’t it interesting that something you sing all the time, and that is meaningful can in a moment become bigger than it was, have a greater impact than before. 

The song we’re doing is “Heaven’s Shout”, a piece I wrote just after recording the album last year, really to call attention to the amazing holiness of the Lord and to invite us to join with heaven in celebrating him.  If you don’t know it the lyrics are this:

Heaven’s Shout

Listen, quiet now.  
Sounds of wonder shout.
Do you hear the angels sing
Melodies of majesty?

Holy, holy is the Lord
Reigning here o’er all the earth
Breath of everything that’s pure
In our lives be lifted

Listen, quiet now.
Glory here surrounds.
Will you join as heaven sings
Lifting high the King of kings?

Holy, holy is the Lord.
Reigning here o’er all the earth.
Breathe of everything that’s pure
In our lives be lifted

Higher than mountains have yet grown
Louder than oceans caught in storm.
With every breathe this world takes
And all of the moments left we’ll join the song
Will all of heaven shout

Holy, holy is the Lord
Reigning here o’er all the earth
Breath of everything that’s pure
In our lives be lifted.

I love that the first call to action is to quiet oneself, and that the result of quieting ourselves is that we hear a shout.  I think that so often we feel as if heaven is a very quiet place, and that’s why we need to become quiet… so we can hear the whispers.  And most assuredly God did tell Elijah in 2 Kings that he was in the gentle whisper.  But there are also the multitudes that shouted Christ’s arrival and that celebrate his holiness every moment in heaven.  And somehow we are so busy we talking that we miss out on this clamorous celebration.  

As I was singing this song today i was just overcome with the desire to celebrate the holiness of my Creator, for people to tune in to the song of heaven and join along.  I am challenged by John 4:23-24 which says, “But an hour is coming, and NOW Is, when the true worshippers will worship in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshippers.  God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”   I WANT to be a worshipper, not later, but in the now.  I want to join with heaven in bowing low and casting everything I have before Him on his throne.  I want to enter in to worship and bring as many with me as I can.  

I’ll admit, I’m kind of scattered right now.  I can get so overwhelmed with the thought of worship, and depth and breadth of what it means to live a life of glorifying the king.  Then my mind goes everywhere at once, and even this person who hates preaching wants to preach because I’m simply overwhelmed with a passion and love of glorifying God.  

Do you have the same desire?  The desire to chase the Spirit, to quiet your mouths and your minds so that the clamor of heaven can be heard, and the praises of the King can be joined?  I hope if you do that you take every opportunity to praise, and that if you don’t that you find that love for a King who is so, so worthy. 

Be praying for us over the next few hours as we celebrate the Lord through song, and get judged for it. : )


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I love this song! Heaven’s Shout is one of the best new worship songs that I’ve heard in the last year. Nathan, thank you for pointing us towards our present reality, that we’re joining the host of heaven and all creation in proclaiming God’s holiness and beauty. Worship is not an event, but an everlasting song that we are take part in.

Comment by Josh Weaver

*that we take part in.

Comment by Josh Weaver

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