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August 6, 2008, 9:12 am
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I feel like I’ve been here a month!  

Yesterday things got a bit hectic.  They moved my Vocal 2 (solo competition) to the opposite side of the park and I had to move briskly to make it there on time.  Then one of the most violent rain storms I’ve ever seen rolled in to escort me to the band competition all the way down the hill.  I was absolutely SOAKED by the time I got down there.  

I think both spots went well.  I was dying by the time I walked up the hill, so I was a little oxygen deprived while I was doing singing my song.  My feet started shaking like crazy… it was hilarious.  I’m sure people watching may have thought I was nervous, not that I was ready to collapse.  Band spot went well too… had a lot of fun.

People continue to think we are somebody special.  We signed someone’s poster yesterday and I have had multiple pictures with folk.  I’m guessing that most people will get home and see the pictures and think… “Who IS this guy?”  lol  

The band that beat us in the battle of the bands, Generation Letter, played last night with Stellar Kart, MercyMe and Vicky Beeching (my favorite, check her out at  It was a great concert overall.  This morning followed up with some great acoustic worship lead by Vicky.  I almost ate it walking off the lawn though as the saturated ground slid from beneath my feet… but I made a quick recovery and saved face.  

Also went to a class taught by Vicky Beeching.  She has an amazing heart and writes incredible worship songs.  She has officially moved up on my list of “people I want to buy coffee”.

We’ve been hanging out a bunch with a great band, the Josh Weaver Band whom you should check out.  They won a radio contest and automatically made the semi finals in the band comp and are really cool cats.  We’ll find out tonight if the band or myself will be joining them in the second round.  

Having a blast so far, and having as much fun as I can muster.


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Update…we made the semi-finals! EIght bands of the 26 were selected. Pretty awesome!

Comment by Ben B.

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