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Do You Ever Stop In Wonder?
June 21, 2008, 12:22 am
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I’m sorry I’ve been off my game lately. I usually have some great thoughts fueled my comical commentary, but I’ve been very tired lately and frankly out of the substantial energy it takes me to beI was driving back from Portland today and was caught up in the the beauty of the day. As I looked around at how stunning the Pacific Northwest really is I noticed, not for the first time, an enormous white shape dominating the skyline. Now, we in the NW have the pleasure of having our horizons dotted with not just one tremendous mountain, but several tremendous mountains. But the one in particular that I was taken with today was the world famous Mount Saint Helens.

For those of you who are younger and may not know it’s history, Mount Saint Helens is a few hours north of Portland, OR and is an active volcano, most noted for it’s quite large and very deadly eruption on May 18, 1980. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kinda weird living right by a volcano…

Anyway… I looked up and saw St Helens and thought it would be a great idea to drive up there and see it close up again. I hadn’t been since 1994 when my sister graduated from high school and my great aunt Bernice came up to visit. We borrowed my uncles old suburban and trucked up the hill, laughing as my aunt and grandma (who were sitting in different rows of the suburban) carried on conversations with each other at the same time all the while thinking the other was just listening.

So I topped off with diesel and headed up the hill to take a look at this volcano again. After an almost completely uneventful trip (the biggest surprise was picking up a hitchhiker… a huge flying ant that I lost track of and didn’t find again until the summit) I stood at the top of the overlook and looked out on majesty.

The incredible thing is, even in the time from 94 until 08 there has been tremendous change. What natural disaster once made desolate was now lush and green. Although the path of destruction was still clearly seen, and will likely remain forever, nature around the mountain has rebounded.

As I looked first at the majesty of the mountain, and the immensity of it all, and then the amazing balance of creation that can heal itself I was blown away by the greatness of God. And as I stood inhaling creation I realized that despite the greatness I was beholding, the pinnacle of creation was not in mountains or trees, but in man itself. That to me, is a wonder greater than most.

I hope you can take time to reflect on that truth. That the God who created the wonder in the pictures below is even more interested in you and me.


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