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Where’s the Gardener?
May 29, 2008, 2:36 pm
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It’s been a while since I had a profound thought.  I’m not quite sure I’m having one now, so don’t hold your breath.  It’s about 2:00 AM and I’m sipping an AMP energy drink while 15 high school guys play shoot ’em up on Halo 3 out in the hall.  Man I hate energy drinks.  I had one called NOS a few weeks back and I was buzzing for 18 hours.  But I digress…..

It’s been an interesting week. Despite my normally calm countenance I had a few arguments that… escalated. Not as far as my mind wanted them too, but too far to be sure. I won’t get into what they were about, because that’s not right. However, it did get me thinking about ministry.

I’m not going to enlighten you about who I fought with, or what it was about. It’s not my intent to attack another ministry, despite what I think about it. However, after a lot of thinking I have come to this thought: we are in desperate need of a gardener.

I think we used to have one, maybe more. Someone who watched how we were doing ministry, how we were tending and harvesting our crops. They would correct us when our technique was wrong and encourage us to always grow bigger and better fruit.

And the fruit ALWAYS mattered. Because life in Christ is not about looking nice, it’s about producing! Loving, sharing, growing. Life! But somewhere along the way we’ve lost those inspectors and the face of our crop began to change.

Truth be told, we haven’t produced fruit in quite a while. If you don’t believe me check the stats. Churches are closing every week. The fact is that to the passers by we don’t have a fruit farm, we have a Zen garden. Oh what lovely trees we have trimmed and grown. Ministries full of them… but nothing new. Nothing truly alive.

And that breaks my heart. Because we care far more about our Zen gardens, looking all pretty and kept, than we do about the new growth that occasionally rides the wind into our sanctuary.

So I don’t know what you’ll do with this.  As for me, I have a small garden in the hall to tend to.  And I’m dying to see fruit.


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I think this was and is still my favorite blog of yours. I read it the first time shortly after you wrote it and it really impacted me. I had a big talk with a friend about it and it still makes me think. Thank you for your thoughts, this is a piece of work, for real.

Comment by Shan

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