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The Wisdom of Ronald
May 29, 2008, 2:37 pm
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I did something bad today and it made me feel a bit blogish… in more than one way.

I was running really late for a meeting and hadn’t eaten anything so I got a cheeseburger at the venerable McDonalds. Normally this is a restaurant that I avoid with steely resolve, but as it was the only thing around and I only had $1 in my wallet I conceded and ordered up.

Into my hands was handed a small paper sack containing bun, mystery meat, ketchup, pickles, diced onions and most importantly for this epiphany… grease. Wonderfully disgusting and amazingly enlightening grease.

Now there is grease, and there is grease. There was actually enough grease on this burger that it had permeated the wrapper, creating a slightly hazey window for which I could view my food before unwrapping it. I’m not sure how, but the bun was actually greasy. I starred in disgust at this beast before me and thought, “wow… McDonalds has really made it in this world. They aren’t even pretending to care about the quality of what they put out.”

And that’s the moment I fell in love with McDonalds… at least as an institution. Because they don’t care. There food is leading people down the road to slow, agonizing death by obesity and they keep frying. You throw down a dollar and they throw down the aforementioned burger and make no apologies.

How often in this world do people stand behind garbage and sell with confidence? Come buy this, you’ll love it! How often do back away from offering something wonderful for free? Or worse yet, make apologies, modify or omit pieces of the truth simply hoping someone will find it worth grasping.

Obviously what we have to offer is far more amazing and beautiful than a fast food burger. But I think we can learn from McDonalds in the church. I know I can. What would happen if we made no apologies for what we’re offering? If we hide nothing about our faith? If we let the grease permeate the wrapper until it was transparent and let people see what we are, and more imporantly, who Christ is.

I think that’s a good thought, and something to shoot for. Too bad it cost a dollar and stomach ache to see the bigger picture.


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