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Thank you for the nice card…
May 29, 2008, 2:48 pm
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Time to break out the blog again for a special post Mother’s Day addition. I hope all of you mothers have felt loved and appreciated, at least for a moment of the day. It is, in fact, your day. I personally think you should get more than one a year, but hey, what do I know?

So, now for my customary observational rant…

Saturday night (Mother’s Day Eve) I stopped in at my friendly neighborhood Fred Meyer for some much needed Saturday night supplies: 4×4 magazines and deodorant. (Two very important items in my book. You may disagree on item one, but for the love of humanity I hope you’re with me on item two.) As I walked towards the magazine rack in the back of the store I turned the corner to find a mass of men, young and old, clogging the isle. You knew immediately that something was up, because they weren’t huddled around a TV in the electronics section watching Sports Center, they were all jockeying for position to stand in front of a huge wall of pink. Pink envelopes to be specific… waiting patiently to gently hold a $3 piece of paper joy known as a Mother’s Day card.

I was instantly embarrassed that so many men (no women) had waited until 3 hours before Mother’s Day to actually think about their mother, or wife whatever the case may have been. (At this point I will apologize to my dad who I know also waited until the last minute. I am not embarrassed by you. More on that later.) The isle was so clogged I had to walk around to pick up my precious Peterson’s 4Wheel & Off-Road.

And like is normal for me… I just got to thinking about Mother’s Day cards.

Now, if you know me well you would be aware that I think cards are stupid in most situations. Just go to the card store and look… they are all dumb. That anyone actually buys some of those cards and thinks “This is a great card!” is perplexing to me, but I know it happens. It seems like every birthday card out there is either about passing gas or is an encouragement to get so wasted they forget they’re getting old. Yeah… I don’t like cards.

As I thought about Mother’s Day cards I actually got sad thinking about how many folk out there use this is their one chance a year to say thank you to their mothers. I realized that for many people the card is more for the giver and not the receiver.

Next time you’re at a party just watch the situation. Who gets excited when a card is being opened? The giver. They wait in eager expectation for the card to be opened, then are consumed with pride when the receiver reads those well thought out words… “You’re a great mom. Thanks for always being there. Love…” They wait for confirmation that their love has been received… “Thank you for that nice card”, then they sit back feeling great about themselves. “Score! I’m the man (woman)! I’m so thoughtful and loving. How thoughtful and loving am I… I got them a card…”

Now I know there are people out their reading this who love giving cards. There is something wonderful about receiving a written note from someone and I don’t say these things to make those thoughtful givers of paper clad encouragement self conscience about their chosen means of showing appreciation. Please don’t stop on my behalf!

Don’t you think though that if we are living a life that is really showing someone love that a card is a moot point? I mean… If I never gave my mom another card, would she know I loved her? I sure hope so. I hope she sees how much I love her in the way I live, in the way I respect her and value her opinion. I hope she sees how much I love her when she’s always one of the first to hear one of my new songs. I hope my dad knows how much I love him by how I strive to be like him, or that I always ask him what he thinks when I’m making a tough choices because I trust him more than anyone.

To go back to my dad, I can tell you that my mom is not dependent upon an occasional card to know that he loves her. She may like it, but it’s not what communicates the love and commitment which their marriage is built on.

So I’m just wondering what kind of card giver you are? Is seeing pink envelopes in the store every May the reminder you need to show your mom or wife you love her? Or do you recognize the people of importance in your life and make it a point to show them that you love them at all times, not just when pop-culture reminds you?

Now… like my mom would say, there is a spiritual lesson in this. I actually think it’s a good one. But I will let you make that connection today.


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