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A Joyful Mourning
May 29, 2008, 2:35 pm
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Life is never quite what you think it should be, and it is most definitely never fair.  It does not bend to what your heart desires, does not stop moving even when you can’t and rarely turns its head to acknowledge how you are making it through.

Early Sunday morning someone I have come to love and appreciate deeply as a young man full of life, love and compassion lost his mother in one of those unfair moments of fate. Although I am not an overly empathetic person the news hit me like a lead pipe to the stomach. My heart ached, and still does, for the family as they processed and grieved the unexpected and untimely loss.

As I attended my great aunts funeral on Tuesday I was confronted with a terrible reality; that wonderful people in this world so often leave to soon. I will admit it was with a bit of frustration that I remembered the loss of my grandpa who died at 57. Why did such an amazing man die so young? He was a man of amazing integrity, whose love for family, God and music laid the ground work for the man and musician I am today. And what about my other grandpa, who died before my parents even met.  I can only imagine what a man of strength and integrity he was, because I see it so profoundly in the man my father is.  There is not an ounce of fairness in the loss of those who had so much left to give while the wicked and destructive souls lived on. There is absolutely not an ounce of fairness in the loss this weekend.

And so it is with sobering clarity that we see a fallen world. It is so easy to forget as we seek God and live as children of grace that this world is still broken. We are reminded far to often that the rain does not choose whom it falls on, it just falls. It is in these moments of downpour that who we are as Christians is decided.  If we are chasing the cross than we will flee from anger and see the joy in a life lived to bring glory to the King, no matter how short it was. We will thank God we had them for as long as we did and that who they were changed who we are profoundly.   We will commit our lives to passing on the greatness they instilled in us.

So this is a week of joyful mourning. We ache for the loss, we weep in their void, we bury deep the lessons they left and treasure the moments we were given. Above all we find joy and praise God that those taken to soon were children of grace.

“Death is swallowed up in victory. O DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR VICTORY? O DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR STING?”

Praise God for the promise of life.


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